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THE AMAZING OUT-ROVER - (STARBOARD & PORT ) - Outrigger & Teaser Fishing Lure - $80 - (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

THE AMAZING OUT-ROVER - (STARBOARD & PORT ) - Outrigger & Teaser Fishing Lure ONLY $80.00/PAIR. Compare at $49.99 each side at regular price. *** FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE IN USA ***GET YOUR PAIR TODAY! Note: If a requested color is not available, another substitute color will be shipped out, since they perform or fulfill their purpose regardless. OUT-ROVER is the saltwater fisherman's best alternative to expensive outriggers! Want to save on the cost of expensive outriggers? OUT-ROVER is definitely the way to go. Not only does it keep your lines from tangling, but you can troll up to six lines, making it one of the most effective teasers you will ever own. Easy to use: just attach it to your line, then attach any rigged bait or lure to the OUT-ROVER's snap swivel and start fishing. OUT-ROVER produces an erratic swimming action that large sport fish find irresistible. OUT-ROVER's patented designs are IGFA certified for world record catches. Available in both Port and Starboard designs that will swim your baits to their particular sides and allow several OUT-ROVERS to operate concurrently. They spread the baits out (just like the outriggers) and act as a "bird-style" teaser. These amazing saltwater teasers are made of space age polymer plastic and measure 12" long by 7" wide. Yours will arrive completely rigged and with a Lifetime Guarantee. We've sold these babies to sport fishermen and professional guides world-wide and always receive fantastic feedback on the results. You'll get: (1) Port and (1) Starboard OUT-ROVER Available colors are green, yellow, pink, purple or black. GET YOUR PAIR TODAY! ******* Specifications for the The OUT-ROVER (TM): Description: The OUT-ROVER was designed to take the place of expensive outriggers and also has proven to be one of the best in-line fishing teasers on the market. The OUT-ROVER's Patented Port and Starboard design makes it possible for you to fish more lines while trolling, and impossible to crossover and tangle lines. The …

THE AMAZING OUT-ROVER - (STARBOARD & PORT ) - Outrigger & Teaser Fishing Lure


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