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Rick Barrett 1075 OKissaki Katana - $5,500 - (Minneapolis, MN)

This is a Rick Barrett Katana that I got second hand. I have a little fun with it and made a youtube review for it. The youtube review is mostly the same blade but I had a bit of work done on the sword after the review. After the review I had the tsuka ito redone in black leather and added black lacquer between the samegawa nodules to enhance the look. I also sent the blade to Chris Osborne to get polished and that is all sorted out now. The blade is in fresh polish and has not been used for cutting (post the polish) Made (around 10 years ago)Handle/Tsuka Length: 12.25”Blade/Nagasa Length: 28”Moto-haba: 1.3”Saki-haba: .96”Motokasane: .28”Sakikasane: .23”Weight: 2lb 14oz (without saya)POB: aprox 5” from tsubaSteel: 1075 Differentially Hardened Rick Barrett is a well known American swordsmith and makes really durable excellent swords. This blade is no exception. No nicks, chips, dings, bends, or rust. The saya has a little sign of handling but not much. The tsuba also has a bit of horizontal wiggle to it but nothing that is difficult to fix. Overall I have tried to make the blade "new" again and it was at a hefty expense. New polishes and tsuka wraps are not cheap. Still, it was worth it for this blade. Its a real beauty. The O kissaki is great looking and the hamon really pops on this one.

Rick Barrett 1075 OKissaki Katana


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