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Let's Check Your Resume:Free Resume Class (Federal Resume TOO!) - N.A. - (Clarksville, TN)

Let's Check Your Resume: 1. Find a Job opening in your field and research the company offering it. 2. Bring your resume and job application letter to our class. 3. Let's check your heading, font, address, comma between city and state, headings, format, subheadings, all dates, place of business, verbs, bullets, experience section. 4. Do you know the keywords the are affiliated with your career area? Management, Communications, Research, Teaching, FInancial, Creative, Helping, Clerical..... BONUS: 1. Do your references speak about your professonal skills? Do they know that you are actively job searching? 2. Will you be required to apply for the job via linkedin? or even Indeed? 3. Will you need a cover letter to correspond with your resume? Will you need to note your salary requirements? 4. Does your resume answer the "So What" Question? Join us on Tuesday, February 21, at 5:30 pm for tips on creating a job-winning resume.

Let's Check Your Resume:Free Resume Class (Federal Resume TOO!)


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