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Iron Hardness & Sulfur 9100 SXT Well Water Softener 24/7 Filtered Water Kdf 85 - $1,699 - (Tampa, FL)

The Fleck Well Water Eradicator Is The Best All In One Iron, Hardness & Sulfur Filter On The Market!We have been selling this system for over a decade and have gotten by far our best feedback from our customers on the Fleck Well Water Eradicator!Our background is water treatment with over 50 years combine experience in the water treatment industry we are water treatment people and not salesmen like so many other companies! Toll Free Phone Support During Installation & Programming M-F 9am - 5pm CST We love helping our customers and treat each customers needs as if we were making a recommendation for our own home! If you have well water with hardness, iron and sulfur and want to treat it cost effectively and save floor space by installing only one system then the Well Water Eradicator is far and away the best system!This Eradicator 1000 can handle hardness upto 40gpg, iron upto 3.5ppm and hydrogen sulfide upto 2ppm. Note: Iron out salt works great with these systems.note: Some water may still require iron filter. If bacteria is present in the water a disinfection system must be added to remove it. REMOVES HARDNESS, IRON, SULFUR, MANGANESE, ODORS, CHEMICALS, BACTERIA CONTROL, HEAVY METALS, AND SEDIMENT. Mediaguard KDF 85 is for well water and removes heavy metals, iron, hydrogen sulfide from the water. Bacteria static. Gives you good tasting water thru out the whole house. No maintenance needed on the mediaguard system. 1. The gravel FILTERS large debris and sediment.. 2. The fine mesh resin removes HARDNESS and IRON. 3. The KDF Media Guard 85 removes IRON and SULFUR. Well Water Softeners Iron Filter, Water Softener and Sulfur Filter In One System FLECK 9100 SXT METERED ULTIMATE ERADICATORâ„¢ WATER SOFTENER/FILTER YOU WILL NEVER BE WITHOUT PURIFIED AND FILTERED WATER WITH THIS UNIQUE TWIN-TANK ERADICATOR Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE You can select options in the comment section during checkout or by email or phone prior or immediately after the sal…

Iron Hardness & Sulfur 9100 SXT Well Water Softener 24/7 Filtered Water Kdf 85


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