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Godzilla DVD Lot Collection Toho 29 films Honda Hessei Showa Ghidorah - $140 - (Cedar Rapids, IA)

Giant Godzilla DVD Collection100% Official Region 1 editions Exact items shownGodzilla Tokyo SOS [the only disc in the lot with wear, would call this lower acceptable condition] - ColumbiaGodzilla Mothra & King Ghidorah: Giant All Out Monsters Attack - ColumbiaGodzilla vs Megalon - Media BlastersTerror of Mechagodzilla [US & Japanese Versions] - Toho/Classic MediaInvasion of Astro-Monster [US & Japanese Versions] - Toho/Classic MediaGhidorah the Three Headed Monster [US & Japanese Versions] - Toho/Classic MediaGodzilla vs Megaguirus - ColumbiaGodzilla vs Mechagodzilla II - ColumbiaGodzilla Final Wars - ColumbiaGodzilla vs Hedorah aka Smog Monster - ColumbiaGodzilla 1984/1985 aka The Return of Godzilla - KrakenRodan & War of Gargantuas [Double Feature] - Toho/Classic MediaGodzilla vs Gigan [Monster Island] - KrakenMothra vs Godzilla [US & Japanese Versions] - Toho/Classic MediaKing Kong vs Godzilla - UniversalEbirah, Horror of the Deep [Sea Monster] - KrakenGodzilla vs Biollante - Mirimax/Echo BridgeGodzilla vs King Ghidorah & Godzilla and Mothra: Battle for Earth [Double Feature] - TriStarGodzilla vs Space Godzilla & Godzilla vs Destoroyah [Double Feature] TriStarGodzilla Against Mechagodzilla - ColumbiaGojira & Godzilla King of Monsters [Japanese & US Versions] - Toho/Classic Media

Godzilla DVD Lot Collection Toho 29 films Honda Hessei Showa Ghidorah


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