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Norfolk Island Flag Linen Tea Towel 30" x 19" Made in Australia NEW - $15 - (Kamuela, HI)

This linen tea towel is from Norfolk Island, a remote, subtropical island in the middle of the north Tasman Sea almost 900 miles due east of Brisbane, Australia and on a line drawn between Auckland, New Zealand and Noumea, New Caledonia. It has a population of approx. 2300 people. Though Norfolk is almost independent, being able to draw up most of its own laws, it technically is part of the Commonwealth of Australia as an external territory and relies on Australia for its military protection and parts of its economy. A good portion of its economy is based on the sale of postage stamps. It has one of the most sought after stamp issuances in the world. Its most famous resident was Fletcher Christian of the Bounty Mutiny history. Once the exiles of Pitcairn Island outgrew the ability of that island to house the mutineers and descendants, the UK allowed them to migrate to Norfolk which was at that time uninhabited. The towel was obtained on Norfolk Island several years ago. The towel is actually a reproduction of the island's flag. In the center is the Norfolk Pine tree and this is where it originated from. The towel is in excellent shape and measures 30" by 19". It has never been used although the tag is gone.

Norfolk Island Flag Linen Tea Towel 30


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