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3M 7303 100 mm X 35 m roll Z-Axis Adhesive Film - $37,990 - (Boston, MA)

Our eBay Store Questions? 617.399.7900 3M 7303 100 mm X 35 m roll Z-Axis Adhesive Film $37989.83 Price is for 6 Rolls 3M(TM) Anisotropic Conductive Film 7303 is a heat-bondable, electrically conductive adhesive film. It is slighty tacky at room temperature and cures at modest bonding temperature and pressure. Ideal for bonding flexible printed circuit to printed circuit board. Established in 2001, Magellan Distribution is a leading distributor of electronic components, specializing in interconnect and related products. Magellan serves customers and suppliers in the military, aerospace, shipbuilding, industrial, telecommunications, transportation, and broadcast markets worldwide. As a veteran-owned, woman-owned, small business, Magellan has a long-standing tradition of supporting U.S. defense contractors, and ultimately, our warfighters. OUR APPROACH Magellan recognizes that companies do not do business with companies – rather, people do business with people. It is the personal connection and trust that we build with both our customers and suppliers that drive collective success. For our customers, we seek to deliver quality products on time, every time, so that you can meet your planning and production timelines. Should issues arise, we commit to informing you early and to presenting solutions to mitigate the situation whenever possible. For our suppliers, we commit to driving incremental sales and enhancing your brand recognition by stocking inventory appropriately and ensuring positive customer experiences. Open communication with our customers and suppliers is the key to developing strong, mutually beneficial relationships. Businesses all have priorities and goals; we can help each other by communicating effectively so that we succeed together. We believe in the power of technology to streamline processes, reduce cost, and improve quality. We believe in the power of individuals to do the same. MAGELLAN’S CUSTOMERS Magellan specializes in serving military a…


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