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Jerry's Map: Retired Instruction Card 28-H - $15 - (Maple City, MI)

Jerry started his Map in 1963. It now comprises over 3500 eight by ten inch panels and covers an area about fifty-five feet in diameter. Over the years, Jerry has been using a modified set of instruction cards to dictate the creation and design direction of the map panels. For more of an explanation, here's a video that explains the purpose of those cards. These cards are occasionally retired after serving their purpose and, up until now, have been collecting in Jerry's Studio. Now you have the opportunity to collect these rare original cards and gain a little insight into his creative process. All proceeds from the sale of Jerry's Map items on Ebay go back directly into the production and exhibition of this monumental project. Follow us on Twitter @jerrysmap! Thanks for your interest!

Jerry's Map: Retired Instruction Card 28-H


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