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Scuba Gear Snorkel Lot, Scuba Pro,Oceanic,Fins,Snorkels,Dive Boots,Bag,Used once - $238 - (Plano, TX)

Bought this scuba diving set / snorkeling gear for a Cabo trip and used it once. Everything has just been in the bag ever since.Great gear, top of the line. Lot Includes:3 Pairs of Fins:Scuba Pro Twin Jet Fins Grey - Med adjustableScuba Pro Twin Jet Fins Black - Large adjustableOceanic Viper Fins Black neon yellow - Med to Large adjustable5 Pairs of Scuba Diving Boots/Water Shoes:1 -X-Large Boots - Fits size 12-143 - Med Boots/Shoes - Fits size 7-91 - Small Boots - Fits size 5-83 SnorkelsOceanic and Scubapro with mouth attachmentsDiving Gear / Snorkel Gear BagAll equipment fits in this bag nicely. SCUBAPRO TWIN JET FINS- Like the tail fin of a humpback whale, SCUBAPRO's Twin Jet Fins use a split-hydrofoil shape to deliver more forward motion with less effort. Result: more power with less effort and drag. This secret lies in the patented design, which allows water to flow between and around each of the twin blades, which flex independently to produce propulsion in much the same manner as a propeller. Blades are also angled to provide symmetrical power on both up and down strokes to achieve seamless propulsion. Technical Information Patented split-fi n propeller technology - proven to deliver more forward motion with considerably less effort than traditional blades OCEANIC VIPER FINS- So fast and responsive they're scary, the Oceanic Viper Non-Vented Full-Foot Fins are a Precision Blend of Hydrodynamics and Materials Technology for Ultimate Comfort, Efficiency and Performance. Fins are manufactured from a Composite Material consisting of Blended of Thermal Plastic Rubber (TPR) and Polypropylene. The VIPER blade's Flexible Power Thrust Channel Directs Water off the Tip of the Blade for Improved Power and Efficiency. - The Engineered Channels and Side Rails work in concert. Together they further enhancing the Direct Water Flow off the tips of the fin without allowing water to "spill" from the sides of the blade providing uncompromising power and efficiency. The Overs…

Scuba Gear Snorkel Lot, Scuba Pro,Oceanic,Fins,Snorkels,Dive Boots,Bag,Used once


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