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DRUM SHELLS GALORE! keller toms/snares, acrylic... - $303 - (Santa Ana, CA)

hi there, i have a bunch of extra and raw / utilized keller drum layers. there's also a few acrylic shells as well. all are eight ply maple unless noted. Then this is for you, if you ever desired to create your own drum or merely need a tom to include on to your set. ideal for those with packages from indie drum business like: pork pie, sjc, fact, spaun, battlefield and every various other indie drum business. they all utilize keller coverings. cannot shed below and all are priced low to go. I could make it occur if your a indie garage area contractor and want to purchase in bulk. select up in ontario (not canada) and could deliver. i additionally do temp operate in huntington coastline on the weekend breaks, so we could meet. thanks, jay 9 0 9 218 - 7471. ALL SHELLS ARE KEPT IN MIND BY DEPTH, THEN HEAD DIMENSION. pardon my electronic camera ... it draws. --------------------. ACRYLIC SHELLS:.

DRUM SHELLS GALORE! keller toms/snares, acrylic...


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