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Genius A-1424 Replacement 85W Charger For Apple - $13 - (Salinas, CA)

Genius MacBook Pro / Air Charger 85W Power Adapter With MagSafe 2 (T) Style Connector - Works With 45W / 60W / & 85W MacBooks -11/13/15”, Retina Display - Compatible With Macbooks (LATE 2012) & After Designed to filter input line voltage spikes or surges.Exclusive internal safety features protect your notebook from electrical hazards.OInternal over temperature shut down.UL SA CE RoHS certified equipment. Compatible Part Number: Apple A1398, Apple A1424, Apple MC975, Apple MD506, Apple MC975CH, Apple MC976ZP, Apple MD506B/A, Apple MD506LL/A, Apple A1172, Apple MC556, Apple A1290, Apple A1222, Apple A1343, Apple A1211, Apple A1286, Apple A1175, Apple A1189, Apple A1150, Apple A1226, Apple A1260, Apple A1229, Apple A1297 Compatible with Laptop Models: Apple MacBook Pro MD103 AC Adapter, Apple MacBook Pro MD104 AC Adapter Convenient in use. Apple MacBook Pro MD103 MD104 15.4-Inch Retina DisplayApple MacBook Pro MD103LL/A MD103D/A MD103B/A MD103F/A Apple MacBook Pro MD103J/A MD103K/A MD103N/A MD103Y/A MD103X/AApple MacBook Pro MD104LL/A MD104D/A MD104B/A MD104F/AApple MacBook Pro MD104J/A MD104K/A MD104N/A MD104Y/A MD104X/A Apple MacBook Pro MC975 MC976 15.4-Inch Retina DisplayApple MacBook Pro MC975LL/A MC975D/A MC975B/A MC975F/AApple MacBook Pro MC975J/A MC975K/A MC975N/A MC975Y/A MC975X/AApple MacBook Pro MC976LL/A MC976D/A MC976B/A MC976F/A Apple MacBook Pro MC976J/A MC976K/A MC976N/A MC976Y/A MC976X/A

Genius A-1424  Replacement 85W Charger For Apple


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