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Vintage Mole-Richardson Baby Solarspot Type 407 WITH MR 40651A Caster Stand - $445 - (Tucson, AZ)

If you are looking, you know what we have here. This is a Genuine Mole-Richardson Baby Solarspot 407 with an original Mole-Richardson 40651A caster stand. This rig has obviously seen a lot of use, but these things are built like tanks. Imagine the stories this item could tell. Whose face has it lit up? In what movies have you seen its light? I picked it up in Arizona, so chances are good it comes from Old Tucson Studios - John Wayne, Bonanza, Rio Bravo, The Three Amigos, 3:10 to Yuma... Solarspot: The door opens with a little bit of a creak, the flood/spot lever moves smoothly and the corresponding components move accordingly inside the body of the unit. The pin that holds the lens door shut is slightly out of alignment but it still holds the door shut. The cord is about 22 feet long. The rope that holds the cord appears to be original and is in good condition. You can refurb this baby if you want to, but if it were me I'd keep it just as is - it's freaking beautiful. Stand: The stand is in nice condition. The caster wheels are in good shape, providing a smooth glide over the floor. The paint still looks nice with some wear and tear as seen in the photos. The locking mechanism for the legs unscrews easily and the legs fold up smoothly. All of the shaft locks loosen and tighten freely. All of the extensions slide well. I've never seen one of these new, but my guess is the overall fitness of this stand is about 80% off of new. Shipping is based on actual weight and dimensions. I'm in Arizona, so the further away, the higher the ship. As usual with my higher level listings, 10% of this sale will go to charity. eBay has been good to me, so it's time to give a little back. I encourage other sellers to do the same. Feel free to ask questions or request additional photos. Offers encouraged, low ballers automatically rejected - thanks, eBay.

Vintage Mole-Richardson Baby Solarspot Type 407 WITH MR 40651A Caster Stand


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